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As a Life Coach in Holly Springs NC, I offer Whole Health Coaching in Holly Springs NC.  Life is hard, and the choices we make can determine how we cope which can benefit us or be of a hindrance.  The process by which we do things is just as important as the outcome.  We learn from our experiences so we can be better for the future and not repeat the same mistakes.  If you aren’t learning from your past and loathe the thought of the next stressful situation, then you haven’t gathered enough tools from your experiences to help you on your journey through life.  Stress is a part of life, so is sadness, anger, anxiety, pain, love, joy, happiness, frustration, etc.  So if this is what we should expect, then we need to learn how to manage ourselves so we don’t fall to pieces the next time life gets tough. 

  • How do we do that?  We learn to COPE!  
  • How do we cope?  By gathering the appropriate tools for our tool belt so the next time life gets tough (which it always will,) we can pull out the tools needed for the job.  We use a hammer to get a nail in the wall, not a screwdriver, right?  So if you don’t have the right tool for the job, you won’t be effective.  You don’t use anger for stress and take your frustrations out on others.  Instead, you might use effective communication, or interpersonal skills for support. 
  • How do we know what is the right tool?  By identifying your triggers, understanding them and then learning how to manage the appropriate emotional response and controlling it so it doesn’t control you.   
  • How nice would it be, if the next time you were feeling stressed you could throw your arm up in the air and say…….”I can only control me, and I can only control what is in my control!  I will do the best job I can while remaining calm and the rest, I’m just not going to worry about.”

Does that sound crazy?  Impossible, a dream?  Let me show you how!  We all have unresolved trauma from our past that could have come from childhood, adulthood, in various relationships, different life experiences, that are suppressed, meaning, those feelings haven’t been recognized and understood.  As an adult, it’s easy to sweep it under the rug and justify the situation from an adult point of view, but that doesn’t mean your subconscious forgot the pain and stress it caused.  Now, when those feelings are triggered, we don’t understand why we had such a strong emotional response, or why we responded at all.  Understanding that is how you acquire the tools in your tool belt to cope in healthy ways.   

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Life Coaching

Location –  12 Oaks Holly Springs NC.

Cost – $65/hr