About WML

I am Wendie Lubinsky, the Owner and CEO of WML Aquatics LLC since 1996 and WML Wellness LLC since 2015.  I’m certified by the American Red Cross as an Instructor Trainer to certify lifeguards and swim instructors to become teachers themselves and have managed very large public swim programs in California and the northeast.

WML Wellness LLC is a Whole Health Coaching company specializing in wellness for the mind and body from the inside out.  I am a Life Coach and Whole Health Coach. I believe in a holistic approach to wellness which means you can’t fix just one thing about yourself in order to achieve wellness. Everything works together, for example, if you want to lose weight we need to discuss your relationship to food and your relationship with your body. There is a mind – body connection that needs to be discovered in order for change to happen. When we understand why we think and feel the way we do, action can be taken to modify behaviors. If we fail to recognize what the underlying problem is we continue to repeat bad patters and maladaptive coping. I am a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Weight Loss Coach, Life Coach & Mental Toughness Coach – I can help you get through all your obstacles regarding your nutrition and weight goals by helping you uncover the underlying problems that promote bad habits.

We all have goals for ourselves and sometimes it’s hard to achieve them; short on time, no support from family and friends, lack of energy, justifying that your goals are lofty and unnecessary. We all struggle to achieve our goals, but I can help with all the reasons WHY your goals are unattainable. I can help you with scheduling, support, choosing the right foods to work for YOUR body to help you lose/gain weight, have energy, feel happy and believe in yourself! We’ll start by defining what your goals are and why you have not yet achieved them. Then we will uncover how you got to where you needed to create change and how to achieve change. We will look at your diet and the connection food has to mental health, your medical history so we take into account who YOU are, which differs from everyone else, and then we’ll discuss how to integrate healthy coping and life skills to promote wellness. Tools for coping include healthy choices such as exercise, food selection, “me time,” boundaries, organization, and planning.
Call me or book online to set up your first session and let me teach you all I know.