WML Wellness LLC

WML Wellness LLC is a Whole Health Wellness Company, an Integrated Approach to Wellness. 

WML Wellness and Wendie Lubinsky Counseling is a coordinated integral approach to Wellness. Wendie Lubinsky’s counseling approach is an integration of counseling and coordination of care with your existing medical team to create the best treatment goals that are appropriate for your mental and physical needs. Wendie will work with other clinicians and healthcare workers from Eastern and Western practices for a holistic approach to wellness to help you achieve your individual goals. This might include referral to other holistic practitioners to optimize treatment. Practitioners Wendie works with are primary care doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, dieticians, acupuncturists, chiropractors, neurologists, personal trainers, and other medical and holistic practitioners. This approach allows for a continuity of care and coordination for treatment that treats the whole person rather than siloed care that separates the person into their ailments. Interdisciplinary collaboration is a holistic approach to wellness by bringing other clinicians and healthcare workers into the conversation to focus on the client’s needs. Illness is systemic and isn’t siloed in the body, so why should healthcare be siloed? Interdisciplinary collaboration means all your healthcare workers discuss your needs for holistic treatment planning, considering all aspects of your health, physical and mental. Wendie will work with your other healthcare providers to create a treatment plan that is tailored and custom just for you! Feel free to call or email me to find out more.

A personal note from Wendie – My Whole Health Wellness Company specializes in wellness for the mind and body from the inside out. I believe in a holistic approach to wellness which means you can’t fix just one thing about yourself to achieve wellness but rather, the mind-body connection needs to be discovered for change to happen. When we understand why we think and feel the way we do, action can be taken to modify behaviors. If we fail to recognize the underlying problem we continue to repeat bad patterns and perpetuate maladaptive coping. I can help guide and support you through all your obstacles regarding your physical and emotional challenges by helping you uncover the underlying problems that promote bad habits preventing you from accomplishing the change you desire. We all have goals for ourselves and sometimes it’s hard to achieve; short on time, no support from family and friends, lack of energy, justifying that your goals are lofty and unnecessary, depression, anxiety, fear, etc. Let me help you create a plan for your individual wellness needs.

I’m a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Mental Toughness Coach & Weight Loss Coach – I can help you get through all your obstacles regarding your nutrition and weight goals by tackling the obstacles that stand in your way, i.e. time restraints, physical limitations, fears, mental blocks or just not knowing how to start. Together we will put a comprehensive, step-by-step plan that is easy for YOU to follow because it will be tailored to YOUR lifestyle. I believe you cannot fix anything in the body without first tackling the mind-body connection. This is why we get a stomach ache, headache, feel unfocused and unmotivated, have chronic illness or pain, gain weight/loss, anxiety, phobias, etc. when we are stressed. On the other end of the spectrum, feeling good and being happy makes us feel healthy, less achy and gives us more energy. I support you by educating and helping YOU create a plan for wellness from head to toe.

Cost – $150/session