Mental Fitness


Mental Fitness

There are many reasons people seek counseling, but regardless of the reasons, I believe that enhanced awareness and acceptance are pivotal to understanding how personal histories have shaped the way we perceive ourselves, others, and the environment in which we function. Therapy provides the opportunity for growth, self-discovery, and insight in an emotionally supportive environment. Each client is unique in their strengths and struggles which is why therapeutic approaches are individually tailored for an optimally successful experience.
Marriage, Couples, Family, and Individual Counseling – Marital, couples, and relationship counseling-our past experiences/relationships always impact our current life/relationships. In your first session, we will discuss what is and isn’t working in the current relationship and identify how individual backgrounds contribute to those issues. Together, we will create goals to help you reconnect by learning to communicate better and increase intimacy. I use an eclectic theoretical orientation to help clients identify meaning in their life and create goals to move toward wellness. I help couples reconnect spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Communication is key to success.
I also work with clients trying to manage trauma, eating disorders, change of life crises, addiction, depression, anxiety, and many more. I use an integrated approach by coordinating treatment with your medical provider to make sure your doctor and our treatment goals are aligned.

Some topics we could discuss:

  • Did you know that being tired is tied to both mental health and physiology? If you are stressed, depressed, anxious, fearful, etc. that can prevent you from getting a good night’s rest. Did you know that proper diet and exercise can not only allow you to sleep better but nutrition and fitness can improve mood, reduce symptoms of anxiety and make you less depressed?      
  • Do you wonder why you feel anxious all the time? Sometimes trauma from the past rears its ugly head at the worst time. If trauma isn’t managed during the time of crisis then it gets pushed into our unconscious and rises to the surface when we want it the least. We have all experienced trauma but we have not all coped with the lasting effects on our self-identity. You don’t have to be defined by your past experiences. Let your experiences be a learning opportunity but not define who you are or who you will always be. 
  • Is your marriage failing and you don’t know what to do? Effective communication is the tool to a lasting relationship. Sometimes our microexpressions or our “music” is off when we talk to our spouse and we aren’t aware of it because we are stressed or have something else on our mind. But your spouse feels it and can be hurt or resentful of your words or how you said it. Effective communication combines the intended message with verbal and nonverbal language. Perception is everything! 


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Location –  12 Oaks Holly Springs NC.

Cost – $150/50-minute session. Cancellations are requested at least 24 hours in advance or a flat rate of $150.00 will be charged for no-show appointments and cancellations within less than 24 hours.

*Superbills will be given at the client’s request for out-of-network coverage or to claim on their taxes.