How do you create boundaries in ur life for what is ok and not and apply them so people don’t take advantage of you?

For me, I have learned from my past who I am and what feels healthy to me. I have learned to listen not to my emotions but to the voice within that sends me a warning. When I hear the warning I ask myself if this is a trigger from my past that I need to address and cope with or is it a red flag alerting me to danger. If it’s danger I remove myself before I am in a situation that will be unhealthy for me. Boundaries are important to preserve mental health and empower us to stay strong. It’s the unhealthy situations we stay in despite the warning that tear us down and make us unhealthy mentally and physically. Listen to somatic feelings in ur body. Your body will respond more appropriately than your brain sometimes because our intellect and emotions are intertwined until we learn to separate the two.

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