Category: Mental Health

Embracing Change!

Do you welcome change or does change scare you? Why? How do you cope when you are forced into change? I welcome change. I don’t like feeling stuck or having no options. I’m always creating options, even if I don’t like the options, having options is important so I don’t feel stuck. Sometimes the bad […] View page


How do you create boundaries in ur life for what is ok and not and apply them so people don’t take advantage of you? For me, I have learned from my past who I am and what feels healthy to me. I have learned to listen not to my emotions but to the voice within […] View page

Communication – Why is it so hard?

Here’s a question that needs some insight. Why is it so hard to communicate with some people? Why do our perceptions manipulate the way we hear words? Why do our past experiences influence that perception? How do we break away from our past and disassociate from what is familiar to allow new experiences to not […] View page