Embracing Change!

Do you welcome change or does change scare you? Why? How do you cope when you are forced into change?

I welcome change. I don’t like feeling stuck or having no options. I’m always creating options, even if I don’t like the options, having options is important so I don’t feel stuck. Sometimes the bad options become the good options bcs we need to weigh long term vs short term goals. Never put yourself in a place where you are stuck. Continue to think of what else you can do to improve mental health and if you can’t come up with answers alone, seek help to search for answers. 
An example of feeling stuck without options is-Not having enough money to move despite hating where you live and needing more space to grow a family, expand a business, enjoy life more etc. Sure, there are plenty of obstacles that might stand in ur way. But what options does this family have to create more income, or create the opportunity to move? What options do that have both long term and short?
Here are a few…..please add to my list or create another scenario we can help each other with. 
-call a bank and see what options there are for financing, loans, money needed to purchase etc. 
-don’t buy, look for a bigger place to rent via private listings, ask friends, talk to everyone you know, maybe a friend of a friend of a friend has a place you can rent that is PERFECT! You won’t know if you don’t ask
-get another job. Create a side job using ur creativity and sell it locally via the web. 
-move out of the area if your job allows. Don’t assume anything. Ask your company, maybe the give $ for relocation. 

Who else can add to this list or create another scenario so we eliminate the feelings of being STUCK!

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