Being Vegan – Not as hard as it sounds

Although I am a Vegan and subscribe to the health benefits of a plant based diet, not all diets that restrict food choices is right for everyone. As I have discussed all over my website, the mind-body connection is key. If you aren’t happy eating the foods in front of you then sticking to the new lifestyle of a restrictive diet will not work. You’ll fall off the bandwagon and go right back to your poor habits because your mind will crave your old diet food more than it did when you ate that way in the first place, therefore doing much more damage than good. Everything in moderation is a good key if a restrictive diet is not in the cards for you.

Vegan eating/cooking is so much easier than you think. A plant based diet is a proven method for fighting disease and chronic illness. Don’t believe me….love your animal products? That’s ok, but look it up anyway!

I really like the following recipes and links, take a look and see what you think. Add a message if you have a question.

6 Science-Based Health Benefits of Eating Vegan

we are so vegan

8 Tasty Tips for Going Vegan

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